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A Dona do Abrente


Premiere Date: April 1991

Director: Jose Ángel Paz

Director’s assistant: Alicia Bachiller & Mª Carmen Gago

Author: Alejandro Casona

Adaptation to galician: Jesús Portas

Spanish version: La Dama del Alba

The melodrama focuses on the experiences of a family devastated by the death of Angelica, one of the daughters. The mother could not overcome the disappearance of the young woman and this affects the day to day of the rest of the children and Grandfather. One day a pilgrim appears at the house, who wil change everything.

Cast of characters

  • Avo: José Ángel Paz
  • Telva: Mª Carmen Gago
  • Nai: Ana Gago
  • Falín: Iago García Sanz
  • Andrés: Miguel Lojo
  • Dorina: Estefanía Martínez
  • Quico: Farruco García Sanz
  • Martín: José Carlos Rodríguez
  • Peregrina: Consuelo Reyes Mejide
  • Adela: Natalia Prego
  • Sanxoaneira 1: Marina Garrido
  • Sanxoaneira 2: Marichy Alba
  • Sanxoaneira 3: Raquel Prego
  • Sanxoaneira 4: María Araujo
  • Mozo 1: Javier Castroagudín
  • Mozo 2: Francisco Caeiro
  • Mozo 3: Fernando García Sanz
  • Mozo 4: Francisco Vilas González
  • Anxélica: Alicia Gallego
Set designAlberto Arines
ChoreographyJulio Cores
MusicMarichy Alba
MakeupMaría José Doval
Scene assistantElva Couso

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