Venres, Xullo 19, 2024

Ana y la Astronauta


Premiere Date: January 2016

Director: Julio Cores

Director’s assistant: Iván Gago

Cast of characters

  • Ana: Micaela Gerardo
  • Astronauta: Andrea Serantes
  • Rosa: Ana Rodriguez
  • Susi: Lorena Parada
  • Ursula: Sara Paz
  • Vero: Tiziana B. Doce
  • Marciano 01: Ana Pereira
  • Marciano 02: Javier Martínez
  • Marciano 03: Lía Padin
  • Marciano 04: Noelia Lares
  • Marciano 05: Pablo Barreiro
  • Marciano 06: Santiago Parada
Sound and Light TechnicianIván Gago
Scene assistantBruno Gago

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