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Angelina o el Honor de un Brigadier (1989)


Premiere Date: December 1989

Director: Maga Martínez

Director’s assistant: Jose A. Porto

Author: Enrique Jardiel Poncela

Cabaret Version (2014)

Angelina, daughter of Don Marcial, the brigadier, runs away with German, her mother’s lover, on the day of her request for a hand. Their father and Rodolfo, the abandoned boyfriend, chase them and the brigadier sees his honor tarnished and decides to take drastic measures…


  • Arlequín: Alicia Gallego
  • Representante: Fernando G. Sanz
  • Angelina: Ana Gago
  • Doña Marcela: Mayka Ventoso
  • Rodolfo: J. Carlos “Pico”
  • Germán: José J. Vázquez
  • D. Marcial: Javier C. “Gustavo”
  • D. Justo: Vely Carrero
  • Doña Calixta: Diana Rodríguez
  • Luisa: Mayte G. Sanz
  • Carlota: Montse Fajardo
  • D. Elias: Farruco G. Sanz
  • Federico: Francisco Caeiro “Pixo”
  • Vendedor: Fernando G. Sanz
  • Sacristán: Francisco Vilas
  • Luise: Mª Mar González
  • Fantasma Padre: Alberto Arines
  • Sombra Amante: Maria Garrido
  • Sombra Madre: Celia Quintáns
  • Sombra Padre: Cristina Rodríguez
  • Fantasma Madre: Consuelo Rey
BrushesMiguel Tomé
J.J. Vázquez
Ana Gago
Cris Rodríguez
PaintbrushAlfredo Campos
Javier Casal
Montse Fajardo
Mónica Gago
SawÁngel Paz
Eduardo Bueno
Mª Jesús Rey
Tips and pyrotechnicsVely Carrero
Light blub and MicrophonesAlfredo Campos
Javier Casal
MusicChus Rey
Original MusicCésar Martínez
Attrezzista and NeedleElva Couso
Set DesignJulio Cores
Ángel Paz
Miguel R. Bugarín
MakeupMª José Doval
Scene assistantÁngel Paz
Eduardo Bueno
Juana Mª Taboada
Performance at the Vilagarcia Senior Center

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